What are the things to consider while buying a used bike?

Today India has become one of the biggest two wheeler markets in the world. There are some key checks that are required while purchasing a second-hand bike. The essential things you would want to check. There are a few parameters on which you could check on a used bike vehicle.

Oil-leaks: Check around the engine area carefully for any oil leaks. If the bike has not been washed then it is more obvious and easy to find but if the bike is washed you will need to give a minute look for it.

Battery– Used two-wheelers are generally equipped with factory fitted battery which isn’t that great if you compare them to the likes of better batteries avail in the market. Check that. Replace if necessary.

Check Engine: Turn on the explosion of the two wheeler and check engine for any fumes or smoke coming out of it. Also, listen to engine sound, if there are any sensations or different sounding can tell you the health of the engine.

Self start– It may sound stupid, but you wouldn’t want to be kicking the scooter alive every morning.

Oil Check: Check the engine oil by removing the dipstick. If the oil is of dark brown and feels rusty then it needs to be changed instantly. Also, check the oil level on the dipstick if there is sufficient oil. Lights- Headlight bulb, indicators and taillight should be in working condition and bright enough. If not, replace the bulbs.

Check for meter tampering– There are cases where the speedometer is removed and the kms’ are reset to fool the customer. Once more, pull out the service history and check the meter for any weird or strange change.

Test Ride: Take a superior test ride of the bike so you can get a feel of the ride and reassure factor for yourself.

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