What is FASTag? Is it mandatory for all vehicles?

FASTags are prepaid rechargeable tags for toll gathering that permit automatic payment deduction from the FASTag, they are generally affixed on the windscreen of your vehicle. If you use FASTag, you will not have to stop your vehicle at toll plazas to pay the toll.  Once the vehicle crosses the toll plaza, the toll fee will get deducted from the bank account/prepaid wallet linked to the FASTag affixed on the vehicle’s windscreen. It works on Radio Frequency Identification technology. Moreover, these FASTags do not have any expiry date, that is, they can be used as long as they are comprehensible at the toll plaza and are not tampered.

FASTags will become compulsory for all vehicles from December 15, 2019. It is currently issued by 22 certified banks through various channels such as Point-of-Sale at National Highway toll plazas and bank branches.

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